Chesapeake Bay Cruising

Our Chesapeake Bay Cruising section features insights from liveaboards, tips and stories on cruising the Great Loop and Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), along with expert tips about boat maintenance and safety. For charter vacation stories visit our powerboat chartering section.

May 1, 2023
So, you want to be a Captain? Getting your captain's license is a worthy enough goal, but do you know why you want it? Most of those who want a license already know why they want or need it.
April 23, 2023
A bit over a decade ago, the Defever 44 Indian Summer came into our lives.
April 18, 2023
Some people are lucky enough to be impacted by people, places, and events at a young age that form childhood dreams and propel them to great achievements reaching for those dreams.
April 5, 2023
If you're a vintage race boat fan, the Southern Maryland Boat Club has been hard at work prepping for their highly anticipated two events in St. Mary's County, MD.
March 30, 2023
Getting your powerboat ready for spring commissioning and the summer season is always abou
March 27, 2023
Welcome to the good captain's annual springtime safe boating review guide.
March 13, 2023
The vernal equinox, March 20, may find many Chesapeake boaters with a scrub brush in hand on land and on the docks.
March 13, 2023
Choosing the right Chesapeake Bay marina for your needs and your boat is just as important as the decision to buy a boat.
March 12, 2023
Everyone has heard about the catastrophic event during a Monday night football game when Damar Hamlin, a 24-year-old professional football player, went into cardiac arrest following what appeared t
March 6, 2023
“There’s all this empty water out here, and that powerboat just had to speed way too close across our bow!” It would be so pleasant if we could all share the waters with mutual respect and concern
February 24, 2023
It happens. In fact, it generally seems inevitable. No, we are not talking about death and taxes but a boat owner’s near certain life transition: sail to power.
February 20, 2023
Onboard fires occur all too frequently on powerboats underway, and they are extremely dangerous. This is in part because of the fuel and flammable liquids.
February 20, 2023
When we first purchased our 17-foot Boston Whaler Montauk, I had assembled an ambitious list of boating and fishing destinations that I wanted to explore someday.
February 20, 2023
More than 60 years ago, when many Chesapeake Bay marinas would not let Black boaters gas up at their piers and most yac
January 23, 2023
How many days did you log on the water last year?
January 23, 2023
After 30 years of exploring the Chesapeake Bay by sailboat, in 2018 Tom Bucklin and his wife, Tammi, made the jump to power
January 23, 2023
The right boat for some people isn't necessarily the right boat for you.
January 17, 2023
For boaters who are on the water (or even near it) all winter, we’ve compiled a few cold-weather winter safety reminder