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Publisher: Mary Iliff Ewenson

Managing Editor: Molly Winans

Editor: Kaylie Jasinski

Senior Editor: Beth Crabtree

Please contact our editors for all editorial submissions or editorial questions. Refer to the Editorial Guidelines section before sending a submission.



Associate Publisher: Chris Charbonneau

Advertising Sales Representative: Eric Richardson

Advertising Sales Representative: Katie May Dixon

Advertising Sales Representative: Holly Foster

Customer Service Manager: Brooke King

Copy Editor / Database Manager / Distribution Guru: Lucy Iliff

Please contact Lucy if you would like to place (or renew) a classified or brokerage ad (individuals not company ads - please contact an advertising representative if you represent a company), or if you would like to become a distribution spot for PropTalk magazine. Lucy is also the person to talk to regarding any general requests.  

For our media kit and rate card, please email: [email protected] Please contact an Advertising Sales Representative if you are interested in advertising with PropTalk or need detailed rate information. Advertising rates and specs can be found in the Print Advertising section. These representatives handle company classified and brokerage listings as well as general advertising.


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Graphic Designer/Production Assistant: Heather Capezio

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