To become a Century Club member in 2023, Dianne Sullivan did not log 128 days on the water alone. She and her friends David Sites and James Ronayne did it “with gusto” and challenged and cheered each other on. Here are Dianne’s answers to our questions about her journey: 

century club
David Sites, his girlfriend Laura (front), James Ronayne, and Dianne Sullivan on New Year's Eve celebrating their year on the water. Photo by Will Keyworth

Do you have a favorite day on the water to share?

The last day of 2023, when a group of us went out to celebrate David Sites’s 365 days on the water. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. It was as if we had the entire Bay to ourselves on New Year’s Eve. We spent time floating around at Thomas Point Light, taking pictures to commemorate the day, and soaking in the sun. We raced up the Bay to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and worked our way back down the Bay, stopping for pics at various merchant ships anchored, before heading into the South River. It was a blast to celebrate his achievement with a bunch of close friends! 

What did you get out of the Century club challenge?

I love to boat anyway, but having the number of days as a benchmark to reach made me get on the water more often, even if it meant rearranging my day to accommodate a boat trip because I knew the weather might change. It also meant that I ended up docking the boat in some more challenging conditions; that helped me hone my docking skills. You see so many different things at different times of day and meet new people, so I found it really enhanced my boating experiences and knowledge of the Bay. 

What is your advice to someone considering joining the 100-day challenge in 2024?

Have fun with it! Look for cool things to post and thereby expand your horizons. Also, get friends involved, as doing it “with others” made it even more fun. We goaded each other on.

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