It is often said that there is a silver lining in every dark cloud. How could that be, one might ask, with a cloud as dark as the Covid-19 pandemic? The answer is a renaissance in boating!

One silver lining to the pandemic has been a new demand for boating.

Boating is the perfect activity to practice social distancing and is enjoyed by all ages. When recreational boating was allowed beginning in May, not only did this release the pent-up energy of folks already invested in boating, but also it unleashed a new demand for boating.

Boating has always been a favorite American pastime, and now Americans are recognizing that boating is one of the safest and most accessible activities to enjoy quality time with loved ones. Many have chosen boating for recreation in place of riskier airplane trips to luxury resorts, visiting crowded beaches, or destinations to packed amusement parks. 

In addition to the entertainment value, the boating industry has benefited from this surge. It is reported that boat sales were up 75 percent in May compared to May 2019. This helps the struggling American economy because 95 percent of boats sold are built in the United States. Chesapeake Bay yacht clubs and marinas are also experiencing increased activity which is helping the local economy. All indications are that this trend will continue through the end of the boating season.

Escape to the Chesapeake Yacht Club and enjoy the pristine waters, spectacular sunsets, and diversity of wildlife of the West River. Less than 30 minutes from the Beltway and centrally located on the Bay, we have slips for boats up to 70 feet (including catamarans!) as well as on-site diesel and gas and free pump-out service. CYC strictly follows Covid-19 requirements.

Members enjoy a casual environment featuring social activities, organized cruising, regattas, and the camaraderie of fellow members set in a beautiful location. Facilities include a swimming pool, beautiful grounds, and a restaurant with casual and fine dining. Plus, there is no Bay Bridge traffic between you and your boat.

By Stephen Urbanczyk