It’s that time of year again—time to send in your submissions for our annual boat dog cover contest!

Here’s How it Works:

  • Submit a photo of your boat dog by June 25.
  • Vertical photos work best, with room for our header and cover lines.
  • Only high-resolution (i.e. not blurry) photos will be considered for the cover.
  • We love images of happy boaters, so don’t hesitate to send a photo with a dog and a person in it. If that person is a child, make sure he or she is wearing a lifejacket (properly), or we won’t consider it for the cover.
  • Once the submission period has ended, our graphic design team will disqualify any photos that do not meet our printing requirements (any images that are too low of a resolution, are blurry or too dark, if a child was pictured without a lifejacket, and if there was not enough room in the image for our PropTalk header, footer, and cover lines). We will then let you vote for the winning cover!
  • Stay tuned for details on voting.

You can also submit photos anytime for PropTalk's monthly boat dog feature to [email protected].

cover contest
Bethany Howe was the winner of the August 2020 cover contest by popular vote.