Chesapeake Bay Marina in Pasadena, MD not far from Pleasure Cove Marinae

Language, Please!

It’s finally time: we’re pulling the boat out of the shed, checking gauges, spending our pay checks in the local marine supply store. After a long, cold winter, we’re happy to be finally getting our … [Read More...]

Inspect your own hull when it’s high-and-dry; this is (hopefully) the last time you’ll see it all season!

Common Sense Commissioning

While Andy Williams might think he knows The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, he apparently never boated on the Chesapeake, because there would be an even better song sung about spring commissioning. … Read More

Monty R

Reef Builders in O.C.

When it comes to sustainable fishing, you could call Captain Monty Hawkins of Morning Star Charters a real pro. If he’s not on his boat taking people fishing, he can be found working on his … Read More