You wake up exhausted, maybe with a little headache from overindulging in pumpkin pie or pumpkin-spiced beer, feeling as if you’d gained five pounds in one day… and then, you plan to go holiday shopping. Wait, what? What kind of marketer convinced you that that was the right thing to do the day after Thanksgiving? 

blue friday
To participate, all you need to do is spend time on or near the water on Friday, November 27.

Several years ago, we at PropTalk conceived of a better tradition than Black Friday—we call it Blue Friday. All are invited to participate on Friday, November 27, and it’s free! In the time of Covid, when so many family gatherings will be small or completely canceled, it makes even more sense to spend time outside enjoying the fresh air with friends and family.

Here’s how you can join the Blue Friday fun:

Bundle up.

It’s usually cool the day after Thanksgiving in Chesapeake country, so dress appropriately to spend the day or even an hour of it outdoors. You’re boaters, so you already know the dress code and have the layers and jackets to be comfortable. You might have to give your more “indoorsy” family members some tips.

Find a favorite spot on the water.

blue friday
Daniel Motto and family know how to spend the Friday after Thanksgiving! How will you spend your Blue Friday?

Ideally, you would have a boat in the water and could go out on it, but for most of us whose boats will have already been winterized, we will have to settle for a waterfront town, pier, or beach where we can stroll with our family, friend, or dogs. Bring a garbage bag to pick up some trash if you like. You don’t have to stay all day, but take a moment to enjoy the scenery and the company of loved ones.

Take a selfie.

The selfie is the fun part. We love to see our readers joining the PropTalk Blue Friday tradition. Send your photos to [email protected] or post them to social media with the hashtag #bluefriday and tag @proptalkmagazine.

If you must shop, support your boating habit. If you do some shopping after you’ve taken your walk along the water, that’s okay, but we recommend shopping to support your boating and other outdoor habits and shopping locally, starting with the advertisers you find here in PropTalk!