Fourth Annual Cardboard Boat Race


Join the Maryland Powerboat Club this Saturday at Vera’s Beach Club in White Sands, MD. Like most cardboard boat races, this one is a hoot. You can find the full list of race rules here, but all boats must be built prior to the race day. So tonight is your last chance! Break out the […]

Baywatch: Looking for the Bad Guys

A U.S. Coast Guard 21-foot rescue boat patrols the Inner Harbor Baltimore. Photo by PA1 Tom Sperduto/ USCG

It’s late Tuesday night, and a colorless, 38-foot Chesapeake Bay workboat chugs quietly into the harbor and heads for a pier near a cluster of oil-storage tanks. Cramped inside the darkened wheelhouse are four men—the skipper, a deckhand, and two explosives experts—on a clandestine mission. Within seconds after the vessel ties up, the crew detonates […]

July Fish Forecasts

This 51-pound, 50.25-inch rockfish was landed by TJ Mulrenin (right) while fishing with Captain Jim Batchelor on Reel Times out of Breezy Point.  (Photo Courtesy of TJ  Mulrenin)

The locust trees’ bloom peaked last week, blasting a vibrant white against a sky-blue ceiling. That, according to Chesapeake lore, should mean the season’s first soft crabs are plentiful. For a last meal I’d be hard pressed not to request a fat slab of soft crab meat. Slow smoked pork is in the mix. Yet, […]

Rockfish Charter: All in a Day’s Work

Still worth a picture.

The coffee was the only thing warm and toasty the morning of April 23, when a few PropTalk staffers woke early and headed down to Deale, MD, to catch a ride with Butch and Billy Gee of Ebb Tide Charters. We were early in the season, but we were enthusiastic. By the time the sun […]

Jellyfish Protest Power Plants

A worker from the Israel Electric Corp. drops a jellyfish into a container at Orot Rabin coal-fired power station in Hadera on July 5, 2011. Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

Interesting article from yesterday’s Washington Post, How jellyfish have become nature’s ultimate guerrilla protesters against power plants The jellyfish are coming and energy plants may be powerless to stop them. Blooms of the translucent sea creatures clog power plants worldwide, threatening to shutter all operations. Just last week, a coal-fired power plant in Rutenberg, Israel worked hard to unclog its filters from a nearby […]

Keep Your Catch Cool


During my relatively short stint as an outdoor educator, I crossed paths with the legendary Captain Octopus. That’s an alias, of course, since to reveal his given name would violate terms of his witness protection agreement. To successfully run a five-day excursion peopled by a gaggle of hormonal adolescents, many of whom for the first […]

Solomons Island Fire Update


13 people, including 4 children, were injured this Saturday after a flash-fire at the fueling dock of Spring Cove Marina in Solomons Island, according to the DNR. The fire was apparently caused by fuel vapors that were not properly vented after refueling. The boat’s bilge pump was activated, causing a spark that ignited the vapors, Deputy Fire Marshal Bruce […]

July Fish News

The first-ever IGFA world record Carolina hake, caught by Johnny Boyd earlier this year, weighed 5 pounds, 10 ounces. (Photo courtesy of Ken Neill)

Hake Approved as New World Standard Virginia angler Johnny Boyd is now officially a world-record holder after the International Game Fish Association approved his Carolina hake as the All-Tackle World Record. His catch also establishes the initial world record for the species. Boyd’s hake weighed five pounds, 10 ounces when checked in by the Virginia […]

Bennington 30: High Performance Pontoon

2575_QCW_IO_Sport_Tower_pontoon boat_0165

Pontoon boats have been one of the fastest growing segments of the boat market for several years. Once you get on a modern pontoon, the reasons why they’ve become so popular are obvious: modern pontoon boats are more comfortable, designed better, can run faster, and are far more seaworthy than their predecessors. And these days, […]