Fish News

Stan Simmerman caught the largest wahoo in Virginia in 2014. (Photo courtesy of Ken Neill III, Healthy Grin)

Virginia’s Tagging Program Celebrates 20th Anniversary The “Top Taggers” in Virginia’s volunteer angling program were honored this winter as the cooperative tagging program celebrated 20 years of gaining important data from saltwater anglers who participate in the Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program (VGFTP). The program recruits and trains volunteer anglers to help scientists and fishermen […]

Spring Fishing Preview

This 30-inch chain pickerel was caught by Brad holbrook, which after a spirited fight was returned to the water unharmed and happy. (Photo courtesy of Tieren Ebbitt.)

After an exceptionally brutal winter, I’d imagine that like me you’ve yearned for a steady diet of tranquil days and tight lines. There’s no shortage of fishing options this month. If all goes to plan, you’re reading this month’s edition of PropTalk with just a few days before the opening of Maryland’s 2015 trophy rockfish […]

More Electronics


Last winter Navico hosted a few days of onboard marine electronics testing in the Florida Keys and introduced PropTalk’s publisher to several new high-tech products. Here’s a sampling of them: Elite-3x DSI Fishfinder Lowrance added to its Elite-3x family of value fishfinder-only products, the Elite-3x DSI. Designed to enhance any fishing experience by providing crystal clear images […]

What’s Hot in Electronics?

Navionics Track iPad HR PRG

The first time that I sailed across the Atlantic, the only electronics onboard were a depth sounder, which ran off an internal large nine-volt battery, and a huge CRT radar, which took ages to warm up from the cold and used prodigious amounts of 12-volt battery power. These days even the smallest of boats has […]

Must See TV: Flipping Ships


Around the PropTalk office we’re used to boat restoration projects to be a little more, well, demure. But a new television show  has caught our attention and has us thinking out loud about what fun we could have dragging pontoon boats out of swamps. Check out the before and after: The show is called Flipping […]

Ranger 2510 Bay Ranger

2510 Bay from catalog

With their excellent fishability, shoal draft, and solid performance, bay boats became popular along the Gulf Coast over a decade ago. Since then we’ve seen a slow but steady encroachment by the bay boat design into our region. And it’s no wonder; as light tackle fishing has become more popular, boats appropriate to it have […]

Great White Shark Off Assateague


A massive, 3,456-pound female great white shark has been pinged inside Assateague Island National Seashore near the Maryland-Virginia line. The shark is being tracked by OCEARCH and initially showed up shortly on Sunday, May 3. Earlier, she pinged just off Ocean City. The 16-foot long shark has traveled 165 miles in less than 72 hours. You […]

Curtis Creek Boating Accident


The boating season is officially upon us, which means the Boating Accident Report Season is also officially upon us. Remember to stay safe out there. From the Anne Arundel County Fire Department: “Two people were transported to Shock Trauma Sunday evening following a boating accident on Curtis Creek. Around 9:40 p.m. firefighters and paramedics were […]